The majority of the world's grasslands have been converted to agricultural use, causing massive habitat loss for wildlife. So, upon taking care of this piece of land in remote Patagonia, we begin to seek balance between human and natural wildlife of this fragile ecosystem.

We moved all the animals that were not part of the ecosystem (cattle’s and sheep) and started the process of “rewilding” this territory to give the land back to wildlife and wildlife back to the land; looking forward to restore the natural processes and species, to give the land the possibility to express its own will. 

So we convert our Wilderness Lodge in a Private Reserve of 5.600 acres, only accessible to a selected group of visitors that value wildlife and care for its future.

We designed an energy system based on a combination of solar energy that can be stored to reduce the fuel consumption to generate electricity, thus taking advantage of the long hours of light during the tourist high season. We also have reduced plastic consumption in our amenities and supplies and produced compost with the organic residues which is used to fertilize our organic vegetable garden.

We will continue our improvements as we grow together along with our guest…