The majority of the world's grasslands have been converted to agricultural use, causing massive habitat loss for wildlife. So, upon taking care of this piece of land in remote Patagonia, we begin to seek balance between human and natural wildlife of this fragile ecosystem.

We reduced the number of animals that were not part of the ecosystem and started the process of “rewilding” this territory to give the land back to wildlife and wildlife back to the land; looking forward to restore the natural processes and species, to give the land the possibility to express its own will. 

So we convert our Wilderness Lodge in a Private Reserve of 5.600 acres, only accessible to a selected group of visitors that value wildlife and care for its future.

Our daily sustainable operations cares the environment:

Sustainable development is the very foundation upon which Estancia Bahia Esperanza is built. The top priority is to offer guests an authentic wilderness experience while protecting the Patagonian delicate ecosystem and wildlife.

  • Zero plastic use in amenities.
  • We recycle organic waste and use it as fertilizer and animal feed.
  • We utilize naturally fallen trees for furniture, firewood, fence, boardwalks and other building materials.
  • Energy is produced by an efficient combination of green systems composed by solar panels connected with batteries and an electric soundless generator. So, we store as much energy as possible during the day, in order to reduce consumption of fossil fuels.
  • Daily logs of fuel consumption are maintained to ensure that preventative maintenance diagnostics are enhanced, maximizing fuel efficiency.
  • 100% LED light fixtures are used across the property to reduce the energy demand.
  • The resort depends 100% on local water resources that came from the mountains through gravity, in order to avoid extra pumping.
  • Restoration of existing on site buildings and preferred used of local supplies during restoration.
  • On-property staff housing to avoid commuting times.
  • A vegetable/herb garden and greenhouse on property provides fresh greens, vegetables, herbs and garnishes.