Nicolás Sahli

Nicolas Sahli


Nicolas has wide experience in tourism and also is very knowledgeable about Patagonia. He is descendant of one of the main pioneers of the area, José Menendez. From 2002, he served as manager of studies and new businesses for Navimag Ferries and Cruceros Australis for more than 4 years. From 2008, after doing postgraduate studies in the United States, he led the creation of The Singular Hotels and was its general manager until 2015. At the same time he led agricultural projects in the central area of Chile and since 2015, he is in charge of several agricultural companies dedicated to the production of seeds and olive oil. In 2016, together with a group of friends, they bought Estancia Bahía Esperanza, to develop a touristic project with unique characteristics in the region.

Raimundo Prado

Ranch Manager

Raimundo's life has developed in the countryside between cows and horses; which is his passion. Due to this reason, he decided to be a veterinarian, which allowed him to perform his work combining outdoor lifestyle and animals. Anxious to get knowledge and improve, he made several trips to New Zealand in order to work in cattle fields. On his return to Chile he worked in poultry and livestock production in the central area. He joined our team to manage Estancia Bahia Esperanza and to be your host during your stay.

Juan Cristobal Montti


Juan Cristobal was born in the beautiful vineyard valley of Casablanca, and spent all his childhood surrounded by nature. Since his childhood, he was very keen and passionate with the flora and wildlife of the country, being constantly part of hiking’s and outdoor expeditions.

In 2010 he became a beekeeper, mostly for honey production and later worked in several researches related to bees. 

After he finished the school, he studied agronomy in Santiago, with the aim to improve and enrich his knowledge on biology and different types of farming. 

He has travelled to Africa several times doing farm projects that helps local communities and also lived in Australia for more than a year. 

Juan has more than a story to share, and he is enthusiastic to retrieve all this experiences to our specials guests. 

Gabriel Castro

Chef and food supply.

My name is Gabriel Castro, and I am in charge of logistics and cooking in Estancia Bahía Esperanza. My whole life has been closely related with the sea and the country life of Patagonia. I spent my childhood in the countryside where I learned the "gaucho" way of life.

I have wide experience sailing in the Patagonian fjords and I am a lover and protector of nature and its riches.

I have been working in the salmon industry, serving others as a cooker and captain of salmon vessels. Also, I have worked on tourism with more than three years as a crew.

I have a great service spirit and I characterized myself for being very cheerful and easy going helping teamwork.

In the kitchen I have undertaken as an independent, developing a family business of local food in Puerto Natales.

Today, my goal is to provide an excellent service to our guests, in order to give them an authentic Patagonian experience and a long lasting memories of their stay at Estancia Bahía Esperanza.